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Situated 1 hour 45 minutes from Dalaman airport, Datça Palamutbükü is a tourist center where green is embraced by blue. At a distance of 25 km from the Datça center and overlooking the Datça Peninsula. A large part of it is connected to the village headman of Yaka village and the port part is within the boundaries of Cumali village.

The shimmering beaches, the koyll, the olive, the almonds and the pine trees you will see in a multitude of green tones are a natural wonder. This was an important settlement of knidos in antiquity, with its harbor and fertile land. Nowadays, Datca's shining stars in the field of tourism.

Those who come to Palamutbükü can not forget that they live in this sea and here they can not forget these memories of those who eat their food in the shadow of wild trees and drink their drinks. Even in the hottest summer, there is a cool, plenty of oxygen, you will not feel overwhelming in the summer.

Palamutbükü who wish to have a very nice, quiet, quiet holiday in the autumn months also come to Palamutbükü. Today, Palamutbükü has facilities that serve many of the tourists and religious fathers and serve the mentors in every period of the year. Many of the facilities have sunshades and sun loungers on the beach, so you can use them free of charge. There are many restaurants and cafés along the coast, even at the most crowded time you can find yourself a shadowy place.

Palamutbükü has a long shoreline, restaurants, tea gardens, bars on this road. You can swim in front of all of them. Tables and loungers of these enterprises are lined up along the coast.

Palamutbükü harbor is a sheltered port, many summer and winter boat trips, yachts, cottages are passing by this lima.

The people of Palamutbükü are loved so much, many of the hospitable hot-blooded people, tourist facilities and businesses are family-owned.