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D Maris Bay is located 130 km from Dalaman International Airport and 35 km from the town of Marmaris.


The mountain village of Bayır lies 36 km from D Maris Bay and is best known for its ancient plane tree that stands in the main village square next to the mosque. The tree is said to be 2300 – 2500 years old and its huge trunk has become a symbol of long life, where the local folklore says that walking around the tree, three times, can extend one's life.

Bayır is also located on the ancient city of Syrna. At the place where there is a mosque now, it is believed that there was a temple dedicated for Asklepios, the God of Health although no traces exist today. The acropolis is located two kilometers on the northeast side of the village: about a half-hour's walk. Along the way you may see the remnants of the city walls, some grave stone and structures.