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Kas is everything that a typical Mediterranean seaside resort in Turkey should be. White washed houses cascade down the winding mountain roads to show the way to beautiful beaches and a harbor that reminds you that life is in fact quite good and while in Kas, the best thing to do is to adapt quickly to the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Like many towns in this area, there used to be a huge Greek population until 1923 when there was an exchange of citizens between Greece and kas transfer. That was a turbulent time for the area, when people were unsure of the future. I think they would be proud now, to know that Kas is making a name for itself as a “must visit” Mediterranean destination in kas vip.

A walk along the harbour while the fishing boats dock in and unload their catch will fill the air with the smell of fresh fish and naturally, the restaurants surrounding the harbor take advantage of this. Lobster, crab and all types of fish are on the menu. That is what makes Kas so great if you are a fish or seafood lover; all the restaurants produce excellent dishes and will be probably be one of the best kas transfer dishes you ever taste.

While Kas is a laid back resort, it is also important to know that it is at the forefront of a trend that has started to become popular in recent years. You may want to visit Bougainville Travel who was the first company in the town to establish adventure activities for people of all ages.

The local bus transport - Frequently buses will leave for the surroundings towns and historical sites making exploring so easy and practicable. Catch a bus to the surrounding resorts of Olympos or Kalkan. Head a little bit further to explore the church of St Nicholas and the ruins of Myra in Demre. Lycian tombs and the small ampitheatre within Kas will also attract the attention of history lovers.

Basically, the town will suit many. The only people who may be disappointed are those who want the large nightclubs that are open till five in the morning. In that case, they should head to the resorts of Bodrum, Kemer, Antalya or Marmaris instead.