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About Dalyan

Dalyan is a miraculous labyrinth of ancient buildings dating back to the same time as a place with natural beauty comes out.

Kaunos is nearby to Dalyan

According to the legend, the son of Apollon, the twin sons of Miliaos, the King of the Caria, come to the world as boys and girls. Male possibilities are called Kaunos, the girl's possession Byblis. The twins love each other. The love of Byblis's brother is so great that if he does not see him, he will get away. This love of Byblis has now begun to hang his brother's love. One day Byblis can not stand, writes a letter to his brother and explains his love.

Kaunos, who learns this state, is very upset and shameful, decides that the most effective way is to abandon the city and comes with a team from his followers, where the city of Caunos where he saw the remains of today. And by establishing a city here, the city offers its name.

Byblis turns mad with his sadness of seeing his twin brother again, runs towards the mountains to look for him, his tears are like torrents.

Byblis understands that he can not find his brother, he wants to put an end to his life and throw himself through a high rock. Nympeler (The Goddess of Water Resources) turns him into a god and Byblis into a fountain. This is what the legend says, Calbis River (Dalaman Stream) consists of tears of Byblis.

The ancient city of Kaunos was founded in BC. It lasts until the 10th century. In the city archaeological excavations continue under the chairmanship of Professor Cengiz Işık. As a result of the investigations, remains of Classical, Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods were found in Kaunos.

The city, which is an important harbor in antiquity, has moved away from the sea today due to the formation of Dalyan Delta.

Besides its natural beauties, it is also a tourist attraction with its historical remains. One of the most important of these is the entrance of the ruins of Kaunos, where the mixture of orange, lemon and pomegranate trees will meet you. The odor enters from your nose and persuades you slowly to the heart of nature. Everything is natural.Artic people, environment, beach and other creatures of the ecosystem are seen in all the splendor of Date, the ancient Kaunos city and the royal tombs.

Dalyan Town

Dalyan is the home of world famous Caretta carettalars, with its untouched natural beauties, witnessing the Aegean sea coming and going with the Mediterranean, and containing hundreds of fish and other sea creatures.

Dalyan is a place that is not on the seaside but it has both sea and lakes. It is covered with dense reeds in its place. It is 8 km long from the Köyceğiz pier. It is a labyrinth-like natural water channel that offers swimming opportunities both at sea and in the lakes. It is coming.

In Dalyan, the silence is so prevalent that the sounds of birds unite with the rustling of the leaves and create a musical harmony. Dalyan is rarely found in the world with 180 kinds of birds that have natural water canals, lush and high reeds that filter water, and nests of these reeds.

It is also an incredible natural wonder in terms of its ecological characteristics such as everyday trees, different types of sponges, highly detailed butterflies and plant species. In short, nature offers all its generosity in Daly.

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You can undertake boat tours, starting from Dalyan the voyage through beds of bulrushes and pampas grass takes around 45 enjoyable minutes – the entire Delta is a protected National Conservation area and is home to over 200 species of birds along with no less than three varieties of turtle, including the Loggerhead Caretta Caretta.

The surrounding area is a green valley – a unique setting for a relaxing dalyan vip dalyan to dalyan vip , and just made for exploring.

So if you like to do far more than stretch out in the sun, Dalyan’s rich tapestry of history, mystery, nature and wonder is for you. At just 25 km from Dalaman airport, transfer times are refreshingly short too.