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Akyaka Transfer

Akyaka Transfer
Dalaman Airport is 60 kilometers between Akyaka and Dalaman Airport is 45 minutes on average during Akyaka Transfer. On the transfer route it is possible to see the natural beauties formed with greenery. The green natural beauties on the side of the road are described as a source of peace adorned with citrus gardens.

Dalaman Airport Akyaka Transfer

Akçapınar Village's Akçapınar Tostçusun has a canoe rental site. Rent a canoe on the right and step into unique beauty. Cool in the cold waters of the village; you are enchanted by the clarity of the water and the ducks and geese.


Akyaka has a lot of people, current tourists, the people who are kite surfing and the people living there permanently. You can find people from all walks of life.

Although there are not many options in Akyaka, pleasures are quite good in a few sweet places. Either everyone knows each other, or they meet. There are a few sports bars and cafes.


Akyaka center can be crowded. We recommend Akçapınar again. You are at one with nature.


It's a great way to watch the sunset from the sea. It's a great way to make the evening sport a relaxing and peaceful experience.


- Cedar Island is very famous for its sand.

-You can pedal abundantly on Karya Road in the Karya Bike Tour. A really successful road network has been done. It is also ideal for walking.

-Kakyaka Forest Camp is a beautiful camp.

- A wonderful bay near Akyaka Akyaka.

Another nice project of the Mediterranean Conservation Society is "pesca tourism". In the framework of the project, you can participate as a spectator in the fishing of native fishermen. They go fishing early in the morning.

- Tandem paragliding jumping takes place in Akyaka.

The location is very close to Muğla Centre and other holiday areas. You can reach Dalaman Airport with your passengers and you can also travel on the highway at the same time.


Akyaka is located in a neighborhood of Muğla's Ula district of southwestern Turkey. Akyaka is a Tranquil City that still preserves nature and environment over business.

Akyaka Houses are similar to each other. Architectural / poet Nail Çakırhan's buildings are among these houses, which are highlighted by wooden workmanship. Nail Çakırhan won the International Aga Khan Architecture Award with his house in Akyaka.